The Power of Sport

It has been a hectic couple of weeks back at school in the new year but my haven’t they gone fast. I have had the pleasure of attending the Active Dorset School Sports Conference which was held on Tuesday at Bournemouth University. It was an awesome day. There were NGB’s, Youth Sport Trust, Sport England, and a couple of guest speakers there, the School Games organisers for Dorset were also present. It was a truly inspiring experience. From it I have had lots and lots of ideas which I intend to implement over the coming few months. 

One of the speakers showed this video. I have since shown it in my assembly and to my tutor group. It really makes you consider how we can help the younger generation change their ways. I believe we as teachers need to do more to encourage all things sport. 

There was a recent figure released that 1 in 3 year 6 pupils are overweight or obese. This for me is a shocking figure. I believe there are a number of ways we can help change this affect on children. 

1 – As teachers we cannot make children eat healthy or change their diets. We need to help educate parents and get them on board. This needs to be done in both primary and secondary schools. 

2 – Improving the provision of PE CPD in primary schools for teachers who are not confident teaching quality lessons (some have only had 4-5 hours experience on their teacher training). I am planning on going into our local feeder schools to help deliver lessons and to encourage primary teachers improve their knowledge. With the money that is going to be injected into primary schools, this can pay for cover for secondary teachers to support the delivery within primaries. The idea would have to be based on key stages and varying the delivery giving them a whole range of ideas in a range of sports. 

3 – The power of sport – by using sport as a driver to encourage teamwork, communication skills and young leaders. There are many sports and generic games that can encourage children to improve in confidence. If this is built into them at a younger age then maybe, just maybe they will have improved confidence and motor skills when they arrive in secondary schools. Sport then also should be a key part of their school experience. It can have a knock on effect for their other subjects and will help them lead a healthier lifestyle. In theory anyway. 

This is just my opinion and it may or may not work. Only time will tell. It is a subject I feel passionately, I am not sure why, probably because I am a teacher and I am in this career for the children. At the end of the day we all want whats best for them. If this can help them leave school as a better, well rounded individual who has life skills and continue with exercise then we are happy. Watch this space. 

4 thoughts on “The Power of Sport

  1. Great post. Thanks for writing it! 🙂
    In Australia, there’s a heavy focus on sport. I teach a in a really active school to the point that I think including sport into my English lesson somehow would be a great motivator and learning tool. Were there any ideas about how to incorporate “active” strategies into traditionally classroom based lessons?

    • Thanks for the feedback. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. That’s a great idea, I’m sure there are ways you could get this in, more group work in a circle with the desks moved? Maybe using strength exercises that can be done at their desks? Or take your lesson outside 🙂

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