Back to School Blues – The 1st day back


Whilst every parent, carer or guardian are very much looking forward to the holidays being over, and their children going back to school, I can assure you that there are plenty of teachers dreading that 6:30 alarm tomorrow morning followed by a busy week. I know I certainly am. A day of INSET, listening to exam results and the usual blurb. The feeling like you haven’t had any time off and still have as much to do as you did before the summer holidays. 

However, I am actually really looking forward to this year at school. I have a very hectic timetable, which this week involves 19 hours straight before a free….eurgh! Though, I do have lots of new ideas and things I want to try out. My previous blog discussed using social networking sites. After reading a few blogs about technologies and apps for teachers to try, I have downloaded the idoceo app on my ipad. This allows me to carry class data, my timetable and input pretty much anything I want about my teaching groups. I can then export this in excel which I think will be very useful for parents evenings and report writing if I use it as much as I want to. Another site I have since signed up to is Edmodo, I haven’t really got to grips with this yet but you can set up a closed group for your teaching class and upload work, polls, quizzes and all sorts. Both of these I am hoping to use effectively this year.

The problem will be trying to get other teachers on board who are set in their ways who may not be willing to try new things, but in my eyes, if you can’t beat them, then join them. We shall see.

I’m sure this week will be a struggle and I will be ready for bed at 7 on friday, but I am very much looking forward to the new challenges, new teaching groups and the exciting new projects I will create for myself. So if you are a teacher going back to school, I give you one challenge, regardless of your subject or experience, why not try implementing one new thing this year? You never know, it might make your year easier or more exciting!!

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