Ofsted and PE.

Ok, so I am in my third year of teaching and until yesterday I hadn’t had any experience with ofsted. Everyone has their own opinions on why ofsted are there and what good it does etc. Everyone knows the teaching to a certain extent gets ‘dressed up’. However, I am a firm believer that when they come you should just be yourself….easier said than done! I haven’t been that stressed for this long ever, well not since my teaching practices! Mouths go dry, words get stuck and inspectors are sometimes intimidating. They send teachers loopy for no reason other than the added pressure to be your best, when in reality it is very difficult to get everything in you need to to please them in 20-25 minutes. Therefore, very difficult to get an ‘outstanding’. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t get observed teaching PE (even though I had some very good lessons planned). I was disappointed not to be seen in my specialism, I guess I will have to wait until next time. There is so much focus on data and levels that sometimes I think it takes the focus away from the main concept of PE = physical education….actually exercising, not spending too much time talking about levels but actually doing some form of physical activity. Don’t get me wrong, I think pupil’s progressing is important, but at the same time pupils are becoming more and more unfit, struggling to even run 800m without stopping. I believe all of this is linked. When I was at school I was always outside, active, and I’m sure there weren’t this many kids leading a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle. Hmm! Are we now too busy trying to tick boxes and to please the government to worry about tackling things like obesity. These are all just thoughts and my opinions, in my ideal world, kids would have PE every day. Would definitely save the government money in the long run and kids would be more active outside of school. 

Teaching is not an easy job, but it’s very rewarding, even when we go loopy for a few days doing what we do best how we usually do it. The children are the best part, watching them progress and engage in lessons, doing things they didn’t think they could do. I can definately see myself teaching PE until I am 60 – still running and being active (if my body doesn’t give up on my by then). In that time, I intend to ensure I give pupils as much activity as I can in my lessons, to help them realise that PE isn’t just about what level they are at or how much progress they are showing, but in fact a mix of that and prolonging your life. Yes, Ofsted are essential to education, but there are times when I think they miss the bigger picture. Especially in PE.

One thought on “Ofsted and PE.

  1. And definitely in music Stacey! They said my lesson was impressive, excellent compositions, really good musical playing, focussed, targetted, on task, all that crap, but she said it wasn’t good enough because the boy she asked about targets couldn’t communicate verbally how he was going to progress to the next level. The inspector even said to me that his work was excellent! Totally missed the point of the musical part of the lesson, that musically he was doing well and progressing. Soooooo frustrating. Joey. x

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