First Blog

So I am new to blogging but thought I would give it a go to share mine and other peoples view on PE, sport and nutrition. I am a PE teacher in a secondary school. I have been teaching for 3 years and love it. My personal mission is to improve the fitness of the children in our school and make them more aware of how nutrition can affect their lifestyle. The problem I face is the lack of motivation….especially with the girls.

I read an article last week that I saw on twitter ( This really made me think about what we offer the girls in our school. As a result of reading this I have taken it upon myself to design and give a questionnaire out to the girls at our school. My hope is that we find out what they want to see more of in lessons and we avoid girls dropping out of PE or physical activity. 

There have been many debates on where this issues come from, too much pressure, competition, laziness etc. However, I really feel we need to do something about it. My personal thoughts is that now with the extra 150million being put into primary PE in a few years we should see an increase in their motor skills such as balance, coordination and basic skills. This will help PE teachers in secondary schools deliver lessons to a higher level and potentially lower the drop out rate. If they are ‘better’ at PE then they may be more inclined to carry on exercising. 

Who knows, I could talk for hours on this subject, everyone has differing opinions, there seems to be no right or wrong answer. 

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